How does the event calendar work?

You might have noticed some changes to our website and our event calendar. We hope you think this update makes things easier, but since it's new for us, too, we thought some extra information might be a good idea. 

To get to the event calendar, you can start directly in the middle of the page at 

You can enter your location where you see the words "Where do you want to paint?", and then hit search to bring up the event calendar for your area. 

We've added some new search tools to make it easier to find the perfect Paint Nite for you and your group. 

You can restrict your search to a range of dates by picking a start and end date here:

You can search only for events with enough space for your group by selecting the number of tickets you need, here:


If location is your number one concern, you can click on the map icon here:


This will bring up a map view of upcoming events in your area that met your search criteria.

You can click on any of the pins on the map to see the next event at that location. 


And from there, grab the tickets you want, and we'll see you at Paint Nite!


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