What if there's bad weather or a state of emergency the day of my event?

If you're in an affected area, there is a chance that your event will be cancelled because of the weather. If that happens, you should receive an email from the team in your area letting you know. We hope to send an update by 11 a.m. on the date of your event if it is cancelled. When that happens, you'll be able to reschedule your tickets on the customer service section of our website here: https://www.paintnite.com/pages/customerservice

You'll just need the verification code we emailed you when you made your reservation.  

As always, if you don't feel that you'll be safe traveling to or from your event, use your best judgement and stay safe. If there is a weather advisory or state of emergency in your area, we will waive our 48 hour cancellation policy and allow you to reschedule when things are looking a little sunnier (or at least, a little safer). Just make sure you let us know either before or within 24 hours after your scheduled event.

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