What is a drinkware event? How do I find one near me?

If your walls are already covered in beautiful artwork, but you still want to try your hand at creating something awesome for your home, we suggest one of our Glassware events! It’s the same exciting Paint Nite experience, but you will have the opportunity to paint and take home 2 glasses instead of a canvas. The glasses are either stemmed or stemless, depending on the event and design. It’s the perfect occasion for pairs who live together looking to take home a set of four!

We use special fast-drying glass paint, and a bag with tissue paper for transport. Once you bake them in the oven at home, you can fill them up (sort of fun), empty them (so much fun) and wash them (not so fun) at your leisure.

The artist will provide a card with instructions, but in case you forget:

If that description has sold you on the idea, and you're looking for our drinkware events, go to the calendar and take a look!

What if the calendar still shows you nothing? No worries! We keep the calendar up to date about 4-6 weeks ahead of time, and the artists in your area may not have added Drinkware Events to the list yet. Check back soon, and we'll try to get some posted! 


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