What options do you have for people with a disability?

The more important question here is, what do you need from us? 

For people with disabilities, we are happy to work with you and our artists to get things set up the way you need them to be. We recommend picking a venue you already know and love, and know that it meets your needs. If we're all at venues you've never seen before, it may be worth a quick phone call to them to ask how they are set up.

When you've got your tickets to an event, contact customer service at Info@Paintnite.com with at least two weeks' notice. We need a little time to reach out to the artist and request that they get things set up the way you need them to be.

If there's anything specific you need from us, such as space for a service dog or an ASL interpreter, let us know in the email, and we'll work with our folks in your area to get it for you.


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