Why won't my voucher code work?

Here are a few things to know about using your coupon/voucher codes for a Paint Nite event:

Most vouchers (like Groupon codes) are for single tickets, so if you're trying to purchase more than one ticket to an event, you'll need to purchase each ticket separately. Try again with just one ticket in your cart and see if that fixes the problem!

If your code is expired or if the event you selected does not accept voucher codes your voucher code will not work. Please verify on the event details page that your event is not listed as a Special Event. 

If you’re reading a code off of the PDF, double check that it is typed in exactly as shown. (Note that sometimes an L looks like a 1, or an O like a zero). You may also have a few different voucher codes on your email you received. The one you should enter on Paintnite.com will be called a "voucher code" or a "redemption code". 

If you’re still having trouble, contact us at info@Paintnite.com and we’ll be happy to help you. Make sure you include your voucher codes when you contact us, and feel free to attach a screenshot or PDF so that we can help you more quickly. 



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