Why is my voucher not setting the price to $0?

Could be one or two things. Either you are buying a ticket in Canada, or you are using a coupon code that has a partial discount. First, verify that you are entering your voucher correctly. It is always best to copy and paste if possible .

  • I am buying in Canada: In Canada, our vouchers do not cover the taxes for your area. This means you must pay the tax at the time of checkout, and we will need your credit card in order to reserve your ticket. 
  • I am using a coupon code: If you got a code from an email, an artist or a business card, it may be for a discount. The code should give you a discounted rate, but will not drop the price to zero. You will need to enter a credit card to purchase your ticket. 

From time to time, there are errors with coupon codes and vouchers. If you believe your code is not working as expected, contact customer service at Info@Paintnite.com, and send them a screenshot of the voucher code you are trying to use. 


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